President, Aaron Hager attends Finlocity Q4 BD Executive Forum in Tampa, Florida.

President, Aaron Hager attends Finlocity Q4 BD Executive Forum in Tampa, Florida.

The Finlocity Q4 BD Executive Forum in Tampa was an exceptional event for financial executives, product and technology vendors, and consultants from across the industry. Aaron Hager, President Harbour Investments, was fortunate to attend and glean valuable insights from this unique event.

This forum was a rich tapestry of networking and knowledge-sharing, where industry leaders came together to exchange ideas and expertise. One standout session was digital new business processing strategies, crucial for staying competitive in our rapidly evolving landscape.

The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in delivering value was another highlight, emphasizing the need to leverage AI for improved customer experiences and operational efficiency.  Tied to AI, the forum provided essential insights into safeguarding our organizations and clients against potential cyberattacks.  

The event also explored advisor merger and acquisition strategies, offering valuable guidance on how other firms are helping their advisors navigate their exit plan.  One take away Aaron had is defining the merger as an integration strategy or an aggregation strategy; very similar yet very different.

An unforgettable highlight was the networking dinner at the Tampa Aquarium, an amazing venue fostering camaraderie and strong connections among attendees.

The event left Aaron inspired and well-equipped to drive success in the ever-changing financial industry. As we move forward, the knowledge and connections gained will play a pivotal role in shaping our future endeavors. Harbour Investments continues to champion industry collaboration and learning, and the Finlocity Q4 BD Executive Forum has been an integral part of our journey. We are committed to applying these insights to enhance our services and provide even greater value to our advisors.