What makes us different?

·        Harbour is a partner, dedicated to advisors throughout their business life-cycle.
·        Strong working relationships and personal connections are created by quarterly visits with our advisors.
·        Compliance is proactive, tough, yet flexible because of our engagement in the industry.
·        Harbour’s staff is tenured and passionate. Our cross-trained staff gets you answers quickly.



Aaron Hager gives a preview of Harbour Investments and what makes Harbour different from other independent firms.

Why Harbour?

Our advisors are professionals who are open to discussion, which generates many new ideas. Our advisors take a long-term approach to manage their businesses from their client relationships to their affiliation with Harbour.  They utilize a variety of investment solutions to best serve their clients.  These products include, but are not limited to;  advisory services, bonds, fixed insurance, mutual funds, stocks and variable annuities.  We have a similar goal in mind—a properly balanced portfolio designed for their clients’ long-term financial success.

On average, our principals have 14 years of industry experience.  With various backgrounds and knowledge, our operational staff will help you execute business efficiently and accurately.  Above all, our operational staff is seasoned in back-office operations and well informed on the industry as a whole. 

Harbour concentrates on common sense compliance.  Our compliance department focuses on trouble prevention, not sales prevention by partnering with the highest quality advisors. This strategy allows us to be pro-active and to stay ahead of constant changes in our industry. We strive for approval within 24-hours for your retail communications.  Since we know our advisors personally, our decisions are diligent as we know how they affect you and your business.