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Harbour’s competitive payout structure is among the most generous in the industry. Harbour will not withhold a large percentage of your commissions to support firm-wide technology platforms or marketing plans so you can put it to work within your business. Harbour will establish your payout level after proof of gross dealer concessions at your current firm. The payout level will be based on our flat scale and reviewed periodically. Harbour pays commissions and advisory fees on a weekly basis via an electronic deposit into your personal checking account. In addition, we provide an easy-to-read commission statement.




Too many advisors don’t realize the significant impact each fee, however small, has on an advisor’s bottom line. Harbour’s RIA does not have platform fees and Harbour does not have fees for direct business.  The only way to understand the bottom line for your practice is to perform an in-depth analysis.   We are delighted to perform this analysis for you.