Video Testimonials

We would like to introduce Neal Thompson of Thompson Wealth Management located in Phoenix Arizona.    Thompson Wealth Management has been ranked in Arizona’s top 10 independent investment advisors for the past 7 years including ranking number 1 in 2020.  His goal is to help his clients feel confident about every financial decision being made, assisting them to reach their goals no matter what they may be.   

 When we asked Neal “Why are you at Harbour”, we were blown away with his response.  At Harbour, we strive to provide the best customer service possible.  Neal’s video confirmed Harbour staff is working hard to achieve this.  

Heather Foster, is owner of Foster Financial Services located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Heather is known as one of Indiana’s leading financial and income planning consultants who focuses on Holistic Financial & Retirement planning. Here’s what Heather has to say about Harbour:

Harbour’s top advisor, Jeffrey Lamb, ChFC®, AIF®. Jeff is the owner of Wealth Distribution Strategies, LLC located in Verona, WI. Since joining Harbour in 2017, he has held strong as our highest ranked advisor. Jeff and his amazing team at WDS are a prime example of a highly successful financial practice. Jeff has been in the industry since 2004 and focuses on individual financial strategies for his client’s ever-changing needs. Along with in person meetings, WDS also offers a “Retirement Planning Today” course through the UW-Extension.

We would like to introduce  Kenneth Rumbaugh who is the current chairman of our Advisory Board. Ken has been with Harbour since March 2003 and his company, Ken Rumbaugh, Inc is located in Lima, Ohio.  Ken is a highly trained and experienced Business, Estate and Economic analyst and his practice focuses on the retirement planning needs of business owners.   

We would like to introduce  Megan Dorn, EA, CFP®, CLTC of Dorn Wealth Management. Megan joined Harbour in 2016 and is located in Middleton, WI. Not only is she an accomplished financial planner with 10 plus years in the industry, but she also assists her clients with optimizing their tax returns providing the ultimate financial services to her clients. Dorn Wealth Management is a 2021 Best of Madison Bronze winner, a huge accomplishment for advisors in the Madison area. In her spare time, Megan enjoys spending time with family living a “simple life” in the country and is an active member of her community. In her own words, here’s what Megan has to say about why she loves Harbour.

We would like to introduce Kendra Erkamaa of Triangle Financial Services located in Des Moines, Iowa.  Kendra joined Triangle and Harbour in 2005.  In 2007, she purchased Triangle from Ton Stam, a former Harbour advisor.  Kendra’s practice focuses on a holistic approach to their client’s lifestyle and finances.  They are also active in the community by offering education and counseling for women and girls.  Here’s what Kendra has to say about why she loves Harbour Investments.  

We would like to introduce Mary Sommers Carden of Kokomo, Indiana.  Mary has been with Harbour for over 5 years and is the owner of Financial Solutions & Investments.  She has dedicated her career to helping clients pursue their financial independence.  Mary loves spending time with her family, and we were thrilled to hear on her video of “Why She Loves Harbour” that she considers us her family.  We are thrilled to be part of Mary’s “peeps”!