Why Choose Harbour?

Here is what our advisors say about us, in their own words!  Feel free to reach out to them to hear more about their experience. We’re confident you’ll like what you’ll hear!

After a year of extensive research we have found a home with Harbour Investments.

We are currently four weeks into the transition and have yet to look back or question our decision. In the past there was a clear separation between our firm and our Broker-Dealer; with Harbour they have become an extension of our business.  Harbour Investments has delivered on all their promises thus far and we are very excited to move forward with a company who shares the same values and ethics.

Marshall Mennenga, Lloyd Mennenga & Megan Dorn


Mennenga Tax & Financial Service , Madison, WI; Joined Harbour in October, 2016
If there was a website to match advisors with BDs, we would have been a match with Harbour.

We could not have found a better fit for our group.  From sincere, “can do” types of personalities to a transition forms package that was spot on, we have been impressed.

When we first met the Harbour team,  they told us they would blow us away with their service and personal touch. I’m here to tell you, this is the first time a firm has ever delivered on their promise to us.  Working with Harbour has been the best experience I have had in the eighteen years I have been in this business.  I am reinvigorated and look forward to a long lasting relationship. I feel very comfortable that Harbour is aligned with our spirits as well as our firm and our clients.

Jerry Lencke , Fort Wayne, IN: Joined Harbour in May, 2016
“Harbour is the best BD I've worked with large or small.”

With 32 years in financial services, I’ve had at least eight Broker Dealers.  Harbour is the best BD I’ve worked with large or small.  Because of the help and guidance they’ve provided, they deserve some credit for the success I’ve had since joining them in 2001.  Even with the market tumult, these have been my highest earning years.

Rita Wilczek , St Louis Park, MN; Joined Harbour in October, 2001; Captain's Club member '04, '07, '11, '12, '13
"Transitioning to Harbour Investments was as easy as humanly possible."

The day of my resignation, I had a family emergency and had to leave town.  With the help of their transition team, I was still up and running faster than if I had done it myself.  After it was complete, I had only wished I would have done it 10 years ago.  Weekly commissions and literally being called my first name are only a few reasons why I consider myself at home.

Neal Rohrs , Charlotte, MI; Joined Harbour in January, 2013
"I'm very happy to say that not only have they done everything they promised, they've done more."

I’ve been in the business for 13 years and am only 36 years old and it’s very comforting to know that this will be the last career move I make.  I feel like I’ve found a home with Harbour.

Aaron Cade , Viroqua, WI; Joined Harbour in August, 2011
"Not only has it been fruitful from a financial standpoint,"

But I am once again excited to get up and go to work in the morning.  Now I run my business the way I see best fit for me and my clients with no pressure to push certain products.  Everyone in the home office knows who I am and cares about helping me succeed.

John Wheeler , Green Bay, WI; Joined Harbour September, 2012