Supporting Your Business


Flexibility continues to be a central theme at Harbour, and our technology options are no exception. We have a number of technology platforms available for your use at a discounted cost. Our advisors are not required to subscribe and can use their own technology resources if they desire.


Harbour is a strategic partner with BlueSun and its product, WealthServ Investments. WealthServ Investments is web-based, connecting the home office with our representatives and their clients.

WealthServ Investments offers a complete platform that includes:


Software Solutions:

NetX360 – Pershing Trading and Account Management Platform

LaserApp – Form Automation Software

Redtail Technology – Client Relationship Management Software

Advicent Solutions – Financial Planning Software

Morningstar Office – Investment and Portfolio Analysis

Marketing Tools

Our marketing support is based on two guiding principles:

  1. Provide higher payout levels to our representatives, so they can invest in their business.
  2. Provide solutions with the greatest impact per dollar.

Smarsh – Email, Website and Social Media hosting and archiving

Emerald Publications – Coaching, Marketing Systems and Financial Website Design

MarketingPro – Marketing System, Newsletters, Coaching and Creative Services

AdvisorWebsites – Financial Website Design

Virtual Sales Assistant – Personalized Web Presence, Newsletters and Tools