Commissions & Payouts

Payout Schedule


Our competitive payout is among the most generous in the industry.  Each advisor is the best judge of how their business should run.  Rather than withholding a large percentage of your commissions to support firm wide technology platforms or marketing plans, we prefer to give more of your gross dealer concession back to you so you can put it to work for your business. Your payout level is established when you join Harbour and is based on a flat (not incremental) scale. For example, if your payout is established at 90%, you are paid at that level from the first dollar you earn.  Payout levels are periodically reviewed and subject to change.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How often do I get paid?

You are paid on a weekly basis via electronic deposit to your personal checking account.

How do I know when a commission is received?

Commission statements and previews can be viewed in WealthServ.

How do I know what I was paid on?   

We provide an easy to read commission statement allowing you to reconcile quickly with your own records.