Fee–Based Advisory Services

Investment Advisory Services

At Harbour, you have the ability to conduct your fee-based business under Harbour’s corporate RIA or your own RIA. You can utilize platforms including Separately Managed Accounts (SMA), Mutual Fund / ETF Wrap, Advisor Directed, Unified Managed Accounts (UMAX), Third Party Money Management and more!

Advisor Managed


Harbour’s unique no program / administrative fee advisory platform was created to give advisors the low cost options you need to succeed. Advisors have the ability to customize fee schedules including the billing frequency and who pays the trading costs. Also, advisors can choose between individual ticket charges or asset based pricing. We understand all this flexibility can be confusing, that is why during your transition preparation our team will review your situation and customize a solution for you.   Harbour’s RIA current preferred custodians are:  

TD Ameritrade Institutional
– $6.95 Stock and ETFs trades, large No Transaction Fee (NTF) list for ETFs and Mutual Funds.   TD offers an array of investment products through an open architecture platform, so you can serve your client’s best interests as you help them pursue their goals. In addition, TD Ameritrade’s Unified Managed Account Exchange (UMAX) through Envestnet offers advisors the ability to accommodate every business model while clients enjoy the ease and practicality of having all of their holdings in a single account.

Pershing Advisor Solutions (PAS)
– $8.50 Stock and ETFs trades, a large list of No Transaction Fee (NTF) Mutual Funds, and low cost alternative investments. PAS offers modeling and trading tools that will help to create the efficiency you need to stay competitive in the industry. This is a popular choice with advisors familiar with Pershing Retail Brokerage.

Schwab Institutional – $4.95 Stock trades and ETF OneSource offers no transaction fee trading on over 200 ETFs. Schwab offers a Portfolio Rebalancer that is a trading tool to help you process block trades and streamline your practice. Schwab Advisor Center provides access to a wide range of investment research content and tools to help you interpret the market and select appropriate securities for your clients.  

Separately Managed Accounts

Harbour has many options for advisors who wish to outsource their investment management, with both direct contracts with money managers and access to multiple Turn Key Asset Management Platforms (TAMP) giving access to even more money managers.   Harbour’s most popular TAMPs include TD Ameritrade’s UMAX, Lockwood Advisors, Envestnet, and FTJ Fund Choice.

TD Ameritrade’s Unified Managed Account Exchange (UMAX): Through Envestnet, this  platform offers the flexibility to accommodate every business model while clients enjoy the ease and practicality of having all of their holdings in a single account. Advisors will be able to choose from an array of investment offerings including model-based managers, mutual funds, ETFs and UMA portfolios.

Pershing LLC’s Lockwood Advisors: Affiliate of Pershing LLC, Lockwood has evolved to offer multiple fee-based investment solutions — all grounded in the same disciplined investment philosophy. Lockwood combines their expertise in capital markets analysis, portfolio construction and money manager research.

Envestnet: Envestnet Asset Management is one of the largest providers of wealth management solutions in the financial industry and provides more than 14,000 financial advisors with a broad range of investment management products and services.      

FTJ Fund Choice: FTJ focuses on delivering a high touch TAMP.  Advisors can manage existing portfolios with over 1800 no-load and load-waived mutual funds or they may use one of FTJ’s industry leading institutional advisory firms to build custom portfolios for their clients.

Financial Planning and Consulting Program

Harbour’s Planning and Consulting Program allows IARs to be compensated for consulting services. As an IAR of Harbour, you can charge clients, or prospective clients, for reviewing portfolios, as well as for providing advice on a number of financial topics. Example of Financial Topics Covered Within Consulting Program:

  • Asset Allocation
  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Employer Sponsored 401K Review
  • Financial Plan
  • Cash Flow Analysis
Outside RIA

Harbour works with many advisors who have their own RIA and those who were looking to form their own RIA.  Harbour offers many value added services and has a very competitive supervision fee that is based on your advisory fees not assets. However, every situation is unique so call Harbour today!